Outsource Services

RAARA is one of the largest providers of outsourced workforce in the UAE and offers a true end-to-end manpower solution, from initial recruitment and training through to full contract support. We have been supplying fully outsourced workforce since 2010, supporting a wide range of industries including the construction, hospitality services, aviation, and hospitality and retail markets. Our flexible, bespoke services include:

Recruitment and Selection

Personnel are recruited to clients’ specific requirements and using an international network of agencies with full time ‘on-the-ground’ Raara representatives. Personnel are recruited from a wide range of countries including India, Pakistan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Africa and

Visa and Medical Services

Complete end-to-end visa processes that provides all personnel with three year Raara visas

Mobilization, on boarding and Induction Training

Fully-managed personnel mobilization process from their home country to arrival in the UAE, including in-depth induction and familiarization training

Accommodation, Food and Transportation

Personnel are provided with high quality living conditions that meet all statutory regulations and include fully serviced accommodation and transport, medical and welfare support, and leisure and sports facilities

HR and Payroll Services

Comprehensive employee support including HR, welfare and payroll services

Provision of all required employee insurance cover, as prescribed by UAE law

Repatriation Services

Fully-managed end-of-service processes, including benefits and repatriation
All our work is fully ensured.