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Welcome to Raara Hospitality Services 24/7

its prestigious client’s services hospitality Events , wedding, catering outsourcing , functions , parties & private function, recreational services ,  sales & promotion services , Technical services , Building cleaning services , Building maintenances services,  housekeeping services, utility service (Electrician, Plumbers,  Masons, Carpenters, Painters, Drivers...), Pantry Service, Guest House Management.... services since its inception in 2010. We provide services in hotels, apartments, malls, supermarket, buildings, towers, offices, restaurants, clubs, events (f & b party) and outdoor-indoor Etc...

We have extremely loyal and skilled work force which has gone through rigorous training and development programmers. Our management performs regular spot checks on our services teams to ensure high standards and qualities are met. The company operates from a central office based in Dubai-UAE.
We are happy to provide client references and testimonials on request. All our work is fully ensured.

Who We Are.
Raara Events  was founded way back in 2010 by Raara which is located and situated in the heart of Dubai- UAE  Raara provides a quality and good services and well known for cleaning and outsourcing services   our experiences in this kind of business has developed and grown and we add another services  with is Events . Hospitality, housekeeping, outsourcing services, Catering, wedding
Functions, parties & private function, recreational services, sales & promotion services, Technical services, Building cleaning services, Building maintenances services   
Raara events have developed a system know how we can effectively satisfy our clients and meet their Criteria and requirements
OUR Vision
To be the leading choice for services in any point of UAE

Our Mission
 To provide best quality services that gives and makes our client Satisfaction according to their criteria and requirements.

Our Values
Quality Services
Team Management